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Essential Books

Title Book Harper Collins Spanish-English Dictionary : Concise Edition
by Harper Collins

Paperback - 768 pages Rev&Updtd edition (September 1998)

Step-by-step guide to Spanish grammar from adjectives to sentence structure
Extensive examples of grammatical constructions and idiomatic usage
Thorough explanation of grammatical elements from noun cases to verb tenses Practical, user-friendly, comprehensive:

From MTV to e-mail, junk bonds to tabloids, the Harper Collins Spanish Concise Dictionary keeps you up-to-date with contemporary Spanish
Special entries throughout the text illuminate aspects of Spanish life and culture
All the information you need to keep to write a paper, read a book, or tell a story.
501 Spanish Verbs 501 Spanish Verbs : Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses in a New Easy-To-Learn Format Alphabetically Arranged
by Christopher Kendris

Paperback - 674 pages 4th edition (February 1996)

Verbs are conjugated and set up one-per-page in alphabetical order in this easy-to-use series.
Commonly used idioms that use a verb are presented at the bottom of the page that presents the appropriate verb.
Approximately 1,000 additional verbs are listed in the infinite form with their English meanings.
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Learning Spanish

Como Se Dice Como Se Dice
by Ana Jarvis, Raquel Lebredo and Francisco Mena-Ayllón

In one volume, a complete text for the study of Spanish from the beginning level to advanced.
Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions
by Dorothy Richmond

Paperback - 160 pages (April 1998)

Pronouns and prepositions are one of the most difficult aspects of learning Spanish. The way pronouns and prepositions are applied in Spanish is quite different from how they're applied in English. This book helps clarify that usage.
Spanish Now - Level 1 Spanish Now - Level 1 (Book)
by Ruth J. Silverstein, Allen Pomerantz, Heywood Wald, natha Quinones, Nathan Quinones (Editor)

Paperback - 515 pages 6th edition (May 1997)

The new, updated edition of this basic classroom textbook and workbook emphasizes oral proficiency, while also instructing in grammar, vocabulary, idioms, reading, and listening comprehension.

Spanish Now - Level 1 (Audio Tape)
Tape to accompany the Spanish Now-Level 1 book.

Spanish Now - Level 2 (Book) Spanish Now - Level 2 (Book)
by Christopher Spanish Now Kendris

Paperback - 504 pages 2nd edition (February 1996)

This workbook for intermediate high school and college Spanish courses emphasizes conversational skills as well as grammar and writing basics.
Verb tables, idioms, and definitions are included in a fill-in workbook appropriate for classroom assignment and self-study.

Spanish Now - Level 2 (Audio Tape)
Designed especially to complement Barron's Spanish Now! Level 2, 2nd Ed. textbook, this package features dialogues and drills in Spanish.
Their focus is to help students become proficient in conversational Spanish, and acquire skills in speaking and listening comprehension.
Other features for building speaking proficiency include popular phrases, idiomatic expressions and verb forms in different tenses. 2 cassettes.

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For Professions

Spanish for Educators (Book & 2 cassettes) Spanish for Educators (Book & 2 cassettes)
by William C. Harvey

Paperback Book&Cassette edition (March 1999)
Barrons Educational Series

Author and language teacher William Harvey demonstrates that you don't need to sit through lectures on grammar and verb conjugations in order to pick up a basic working knowledge of conversational Spanish. If you're a teacher or other professional educator, and if many of your students and their parents are Hispanic, you owe it to them and to yourself to develop some ability to comprehend and make yourself understood in normal idiomatic Spanish. This book will help you learn to converse in Spanish when dealing with issues of health care, college and career guidance, classroom instruction to young and older children, educational administration, extracurricular activities, and much more.

Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel
by William C. Harvey

Paperback (February 1996) Barrons Educational Series

This guide gives English-speaking police whose duties take them into Hispanic communities a working knowledge of very fundamental conversational Spanish. It is also helpful for public safety workers, correction officers, parole officers, firefighters, court officers, and welfare and social workers. Includes commonly used expressions, a glossary, and a study review section.

Spanish for Human Resources Managers Spanish for Human Resources Managers
by William C. Harvey

Paperback - 300 pages (September 1997)

This highly informal and practical program teaches enough Spanish to allow learners to interview and hire job applicants, conduct job training programs, deal with wage and insurance issues, and more.
Spanish for Health Care Professionals with Audiocassettes Spanish for Health Care Professionals with Audiocassettes
by William C. Harvey

Paperback & Audio Cassette - 312 pages 2nd Book&Cassette edition (April 15, 2000)

Updated with a new verb list, more vocabulary, more key phrases, and expanded exercise sections, this book-and-cassettes program offers English- speaking doctors, nurses, and medical assistants some basic Spanish vocabulary to help them deal with Hispanic patients who speak little or no English.
The book starts with pronunciation tips and offers advice on listening comprehension with special focus on words and phrases that are likely to be used in a medical setting.
True-to-life dialogues recreate situations involving pregnancy, broken bones, pediatric care, heart and lung diseases, geriatric care, communicable diseases, drug problems, medical treatment of crime victims, and more.
The two 90-minute cassettes recreate the book's dialogues in order to give healthcare personnel some opportunity to practice their speaking skill and improve their listening comprehension in Spanish.
Spanish Now! for Medical Professionals Spanish Now! for Medical Professionals

CD-ROM (October 30, 1998)

Developed with the help of medical professionals from a wide range of disciplines, Spanish Now! for Medical Professionals is the fastest, easiest language learning system ever developed for your professional needs.
Our package includes articles, video presentations, practice material and even games all based on practical cultural and medical information you'll find useful.

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Books for Beyond First Year Spanish

Breaking Out of Beginner's Spanish Breaking Out of Beginner's Spanish
by Joseph J. Keenan

Paperback (November 1994)

If you've had a year or more of Spanish, this book is for you. It will give you tips on how to use the language so that you will be understood clearly.

Practice Makes Perfect : Spanish Verb Tenses Practice Makes Perfect : Spanish Verb Tenses
by Dorothy M. Devney, Dorothy Devney Richmond

Paperback - 305 pages (February 1996)

This book is exactly what it claims to be. It provides further practice for someone with a basic grasp of Spanish.

Advanced Spanish Grammar Advanced Spanish Grammar : A Self-Teaching Guide (Wiley Self-Teaching Guide)
by Marcial Prado

Paperback - 336 pages 2nd edition (January 1997)

This completely revised and updated edition of More Practical Spanish enables readers to progress at their own pace. Teaches readers the more intricate grammatical rules of Spanish words and terms, reinforcing all the material with frequent exercises and self-tests. Every lesson includes a list of terms, sample dialogue and quick explanations of the grammar used. Contains over 1,000 practical Spanish words and terminology.

Practical Spanish Grammar Practical Spanish Grammar : A Self-Teaching Guide (Wiley Self-Teaching Guide)
by Marcial Prado

Paperback - 354 pages 2nd edition (March 1997)

This self-paced guide covers all the information offered in an introductory Spanish course. Each of the 15 accessible lessons provides a vocabulary list, a sample dialogue using these terms and a quick review of the grammar involved. It's an ideal tool for anyone who studies or interacts with our rapidly growing Spanish population. Now completely updated with multicultural information. Features over 1,000 of the most frequently used Spanish words.

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Idioms and Slang

Street Spanish 1 Street Spanish 1 : The Best of Spanish Slang
by David Burke

Paperback - 288 pages (October 1997)

Learn the fundamentals of Spanish slang in 10 easy lessons. This book provides you with the conversational Spanish that will help you talk to people, conduct business, read books or watch movies in the Spanish speaking world, and it gives you all the slang you need to enjoy conversing in everyday Spanish.
Street Spanish 2 Street Spanish 2 : The Best of Spanish Idioms
by David Burke

Paperback - 256 pages (April 1998)

Idioms are the common, everyday phrases found in every language, that natives take for granted, but non-native speakers usually find bewildering, at best. In this second installment in the expanded and updated edition of his best-selling Street Spanish, Burke translates hundreds of idiomatic Spanish expressions, and, more importantly, he shows how to use them in everyday situations.

Street Spanish 3 Street Spanish 3 : The Best of Naughty Spanish
by David Burke

Paperback - 256 pages (October 1998)

The third guide provides 10 easy lessons on expletives, euphemisms, and obscenities.
Street Spanish Slang Dictionary & Thesaurus Street Spanish Slang Dictionary & Thesaurus
by David Burke, Athol Alexander Congalton

Paperback - 256 pages (May 1999)

Ideal for travelers and students, an entertaining guide to the real Spanish they don't teach you in school. You'll rarely hear the colloquial Spanish of everyday conversation and commerce--the stuff you really need to get by--in the language classroom.
This practical and delightfully unique guide fills the gap.
For all aspiring Spanish speakers, The Street Spanish Slang Dictionary and Thesaurus makes mastering Spanish slang and idioms fun and easy.
In a single volume, you'll find at your fingertips the everyday niceties (and not-so-niceties) that form the crux of casual Spanish conversation.
One-thousand entries--each featuring a word or expression's English equivalent, literal translation, special notes, and synonyms and antonyms--will be your ticket to a smooth cultural transition. *Includes 150-word slang thesaurus with headings in Spanish and English and contextual examples for each entry.
*A complementary reference to the bestselling Street Spanish series.
2001 Spanish and English Idioms 2001 Spanish and English Idioms / 2001 Modismos Espanoles E Ingleses
by Eugene Savaiana and Lynn Winget

Paperback - 699 pages 2nd edition (July 1995)

Completely bilingual: Commonly used Spanish and English idioms illustrated with sample sentences.
101 Spanish Idioms 101 Spanish Idioms : Understanding Spanish Language and Culture Through Popular Phrases
by Jean-Marie Cassagne, L.N. Raidon

Paperback - 138 pages Eng/spansh edition (April 1995)

A whimsical collection of colloquialisms delight readers and provides real insight into Spanish-language idioms, customs, and humor. Each idiom has a literal English translation followed by an idiomatic English equivalent of the Spanish phrase. Cartoons throughout.
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Title Book Lonely Planet Mexico (Mexico, 7th Ed)
by John Noble, Michele Matter, Nancy Keller, Daniel C. Schechter

Paperback - 1088 pages 7th edition (October 2000)

Initially specializing in Asia guidebooks, the Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit series has long been a favorite of budget travelers all over the globe.
The People's Guide to Mexico The People's Guide to Mexico : Wherever You Go...There You Are!!
by Carl Franz, Lorena Havens (Editor), Steve Rogers (Editor)

Paperback - 640 pages 11th edition (September 1998)

The People's Guide to Mexico is a different kind of guidebook--one that offers no lists of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, or beaches. As Carl Franz says in the introduction to this 25th anniversary edition, "It is not about which hotels to stay in or the most interesting villages to visit.
The purpose of this book is to teach you how to find out those things for yourself."
Title Book Frommer's Mexico 2000
by Arthur Frommer, Lynne Bairstow

Paperback - 752 pages Book&Map edition (August 4, 1999)

At nearly 2,000 miles east to west and more than 1,000 miles north to south, Mexico is a large and diverse country.
It requires a similarly expansive and thorough guidebook to do it justice, and Frommer's has the experience, the organizational expertise, and the practical details to pull it off.
Title Book Passport Mexico : Your Pocket Guide to Mexican Business, Customs & Etiquette
by Randy Malat, Tom Watson (Illustrator), Barbara Szerlip (Editor)

Paperback - 96 pages (July 1996)

Success in international business is not just about your product and service, or about terms and delivery schedules.
Success is about people, traditions and relationships.
Passport to the World books are comprehensive guides to understanding a country's people, culture, etiquette and communication styles. Passport Mexico will help you: Avoid cultural faux pas Learn about Mexico's values and beliefs Understand the reasons behind the actions Develop an effective negotiating style Don't leave without your passport!
Title Book Surviving Mexico: The Insider's Guide to Safe Travel
by John Stanley, Stephen Barry (Illustrator), Ona Barry (Contributor)

Paperback (January 2000)

...wit, street sense, and uncommon insight, ... Stanley knows how things work in Mexico, ... and how Americans can avoid trouble...
Title Book Let's Go 2001 Mexico
by Maya Sen (Editor), Alexander Kaufman (Editor), Jane Lupe Lindholm (Editor)

Paperback - 688 pages (December 2000)

The budget traveler's guide to cultures, ruins, beaches, deserts, markets, and nightclubs from Chihuahua to Cancun.
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Doing Business in Mexico

The Guide to Mexico for Business, 8th Edition The Guide to Mexico for Business, 8th Edition
by American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico

This handy resource gives the reader a solid basis of understanding of the economic, political and social situation in Mexico and answers the most common questions about doing business in Mexico.
It provides practical tips on everything from shipping products to Mexico to customs procedures to finding office space.
Also included are useful Web sites, insightful graphs and a step-by-step outline for setting up a business in Mexico.
New to this edition are the top 50 Mexican and top 50 foreign companies in Mexico.
How to Do Business in Mexico How to Do Business in Mexico : Your Essential and Up-To-Date Guide for Success
by Glenn Reed, Roger Gray (Contributor), Glen Reed

Paperback - 200 pages (March 1997)

Learn about the differencies of doing business in Mexico!
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Retire and Live in Mexico

Live Well in Mexico Live Well in Mexico : How to Relocate, Retire, and Increase Your Standard of Living
by Ken Luboff

Paperback - 240 pages (November 1999)

Ken Luboff, the former head of John Muir Publications, discusses how to relocate - easily - and live a more relaxing lifestyle with greater luxury, for less than the basic cost of living in the U.S.
How To Buy Real Estate In Mexico How To Buy Real Estate In Mexico
by Dennis, John Peyton

Paperback - 240 pages 2 edition (January 1998)

This book exceeds all expectations. It is not only an excellent readable introduction to Mexican real estate law, but is comprehensive and up to the minute as well.
How to Buy Real Estate in Mexico fills a much needed gap in the vailability of knowledge on Mexican real estate law in the English language.
It is an almost compulsory item for any library whose patrons are at all interested in recent developments in Mexican law, and it is urgent for anyone contemplating the purchase of real estate in Mexico or for those who would advise or assist others in such a purchase.
Live Better South of the Border in Mexico Live Better South of the Border in Mexico : Practical Advice for Living and Working
by Mike Nelson

Paperback - 162 pages 3rd edition (March 2000)

Live Better South of the Border in Mexico is as necessary for the prospective transplant to Mexico as an airline ticket, a passport, or a roadmap.
And the author's entertaining and frank assessments will give readers the confidence to choose to move or not to move.
In addition to expert evaluations of gringo havens such as San Miguel de Allende, Guadalajara, Oaxaca, Puerto Vallarta, Cuernavaca, and Baja, you'll find information on how to work in Mexico, how to find a place to live, realistic costs for living in paradise, banking and owning property in Mexico, medical care, telephone and Internet access, and more!
Choose Mexico for Retirement : Retirement Discoveries for Every Budget (Choose Mexico for Retirement, 7th Ed) Choose Mexico for Retirement : Retirement Discoveries for Every Budget (Choose Mexico for Retirement, 7th Ed)
by John Howells, Don Merwin

Paperback - 224 pages 7th edition (May 2001)

In Choose Mexico, you'll find advice on how to enjoy familiar U.S. comforts in Mexico as well as tips for the daring who want to experience a more "Mexican lifestyle." Descriptions of scenic, vibrant places, as well as essential information about the resources and activities available in these areas, allow you to make an informed decision about selecting Mexico as your ideal location to enjoy an affordable, active, and safe retirement.

Includes up-to-date information about Mexico such as real estate, recreation, medical care, culture, business opportunities, and weather statistics.

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Mexican Food and Beverage

Tequila Lover's Guide to Mexico Tequila Lover's Guide to Mexico : Everything There Is to Know About Tequila Including How to Get There
by Lance Cutler, Bob Johnson

Paperback - 252 pages 1 edition (May 5, 1998)

Tequila : The Spirit of Mexico Tequila : The Spirit of Mexico
by Enrique Martinez Limon, Michael Calderwood (Photographer), Enrique F. m Limon, Carlos Monsivais (Preface)

Hardcover - 184 pages 1 Ed edition (February 2000) 155 full-color illustrations

An appreciation and celebration of one of the most popular liquors in the world, including ratings of more than 100 brands. Tequila today is one of the fastest-growing liquors in the world, and the growth is decidedly upscale. An entire tequila culture has developed, not only throughout Mexico but in sophisticated restaurants and bars all over the world, from New York to Los Angeles, London to Tokyo.
Food from My Heart Food from My Heart : Cuisines of Mexico Remembered and Reimagined
by Zarela Martinez

Paperback - 368 pages Reissue edition (June 5, 1995)

More than 175 regional Mexican recipes are accompanied by descriptions of the diverse influences that shaped the author's cooking style, explanations of how to apply various cooking techniques, and profiles of Mexican traditions. Reprint.
How to Eat Out in Mexico How to Eat Out in Mexico : How to Understand the Menu and Make Yourself Understood : Dictionary and Phrase Book for the Restaurant
by Elizabeth Sanchez Hernandez

Paperback - 176 pages (May 1999)

Designed for travelers, this indispensable gastronomic, on the spot quick reference dictionary, phrase book and guide, will help you handle any gastronomic situation, giving you the translation of various Mexican menus, so that you really know what is on your plate.
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