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Students enrolled in the language program have the opportunity to participate in excursions and field trips organized by UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL. These are usually half-day, one day, or two-day trips scheduled during the week and on weekends. They include trips to archaeological and colonial sites, to institutions such as hospitals or companies, to colonial towns, and to the beach.

A faculty member serves as a guide to lead discussions and answer questions during these outings. The guided tour is usually in Spanish.

These excursions, field trips and social activities are an important part of the learning experience at UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL.

Teotihuacan   Acapulco

Excursions offered include the following:

Mexico City:
Museum of Anthropology and Ballet Folclrico
Colonial Mexico: Visit to museums, the University and the Market
"Walls of Fire" is the metaphor used for the Mexican muralist movement which can be seen in the Fine Arts Palace, the National Palace and Polyforum Siqueiros.
A visit to Mexico's well known silver-mining town with its silver Shops, plaza, cathedral, and its colonial sites.
Teotihuacn is the most important Prehispanic City in North America with its two imposing pyramids.
Two nights and three days to the famous Mexican beach resort. Departing Friday at 2 PM, returning Sunday at 8 PM.

USD 025 - 28 (Half day)
USD 035 - 40 (Full day)
USD 190 approx. Acapulco 3 days, 2 nights shared room
USA 090 approx. Ballet Folklorico tickets

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Indian market of "Santiago Tianguistenco" north of Cuernavaca:
famous for its hand-woven textiles, rugs, blankets and ponchos.

Las Estacas

"Las Estacas": natural springs, and the Hacienda Vista Hermosa with its collection of antique carriages, gardens, golf courses and restaurant.

Visit to the magical Indian village of Tepoztln with its Dominican church, former convent, pre-colonial pyramid and archaeological museum. Included on this trip are visits to Oaxtepec, an important government resort; and Hacienda de Cocoyoc, a resort hotel built around ruins from the 16th century.


Visit to the pyramids of Xochicalco, a ceremonial Site for the Xochicalcas Indians covering six square miles of honeycombed underground caves and passages. It is located about 24 miles south of Cuernavaca.

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