The Center of Bilingual Multicultural Studies (UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL)

Live, learn and love Spanish in Cuernavaca, Mexico!

Whether you are in college, business, or you are a VIP executive... the customized language programs of the UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL will put you in touch with the essence of Spanish in the shortest time.

Mexico is the door to Latin America for business and economy, and you should begin to consider the Spanish seriously.

The UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL is internationally recommended for the quality of their courses.
It does not matter whether you are a businessman eager to conquer the Latin American markets or a globetrotter planning a trip through Central America, the UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL has a program fitting your personal needs. You will reach your goals fast and certainly. Torre UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL

UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL was founded in 1980 to provide total Spanish abroad language training. It soon established a reputation for quality, results and above all attention to each individual student's needs. The School ist the biggest of its kind in Latin America - not inadvertently. Its success is based on the individual attention it is paying to the need of every single student.

The schools institution is highly recognized by more than 100 universities, colleges, top companies, major airlines, corporations, banks and government bodies all over the world. And best of all, the students are the Universitie's best recommendation. Clients like Allen Bradley, ATT, Bayer de México, Coca Cola, Ford, GM, General Electric, Weltbank, Shell de México, Syntex, Air Canada, Delta, United Airlines, Air France, Swissair, KLM etc. are recommending the UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL.


The classes are divided into lecture of 50 minutes.

On 11 national holidays the UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL will be closed and no classes are held.

Approximately twice a month a "Fiestas" will take place to give you a chance to chat with students, teachers and employees. Your host family is invited, too.

A library with more than 500 books can be used without cost.
Furthermore an e-mail and internet service is included in tuition. You can easily be reached and keep in toutch with your professors and friends.
Medical care is available Monday through Friday during classes at no cost.

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The Center for Bilingual Multicultural Studies (UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL) in Cuernavaca, Mexico has customized Spanish programs fitting your learning needs!

(Check one of the following options!):

Orientation Meeting Programs for Nurses
Intensive Group Program Senior citizen
Executive Program Diplomatic Program
Children Program Internships
Teachers Program Universiy Credit
Airlines and travel agencies Medical care

Orientation Meeting

An Orientation session is held every Saturday at 10 AM. The session is important and we recommend that students arrive in Cuernavaca on Fridays. Students are tested to determine their level of Spanish before being assigned to their learning group. They are also briefed on the programs, the city of Cuernavaca and living with a family.

If students arrive late Saturday or on Sunday, testing and briefing can be on Monday morning before attending a class.

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Intensive Group Spanish Program

Open all year; programs begin every Monday - week runs from Monday through Friday - 6 hours daily from 8 AM to 2 PM
3 hours of Spanish class (groups contain a maximum of 5 students)
2 hours of Latin-American courses in social sciences and humanities
1 hour workshops in different subject levels.

The language courses are designed for students at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels. Courses in Latin-American Studies focus on general aspects of culture and society in Mexico and Latin-America.

(Monday to Thursday)
2 hours of optional courses without extra cost (2:20-4:00 PM):
The Regular Program may be extended to 8 hours of class per day, including Pronunciation; individual attention in grammar (on a limited basis); phonetics; contractive analysis; literature; specialized vocabulary; special visits (hospital, factories, etc.); round table discussions; audiovisual conferences.
USD 100 registration fee
USD 270 per week of classes
USD 199 per week of classes (Special price for 12 weeks and more)
USD 050 Material and books

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Foto UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL You can combine an internship in your chosen field with learning about Spanish language and the Latin American culture in our Intensive Spanish Programs. The purpose is to provide you with real work experience in an authentic Spanish-speaking environment.


* Students must be proficient in Spanish. It is necessary to have at least intermediate level skills.
* Applicants must be juniors, seniors or recent college graduates at the time the program begins.
* Students must attend their internships at least three days per week.
* minimum of 4 weeks required

This experience gives you the opportunity to get involved in an organization where you can utilize and practice your knowledge and skills in your field. Your internship experience is fully realized when you return to your home country and professional or educational environment and apply the newly skills you have acquired.

INT 352 Observership for Medical Personnel
INT 353 Internship for Social Work
INT 354 Internship for Business and Economics
INT 355 Internship in Education
INT 356 Internship in Hotel and Restaurant Management
INT 357 Internship in Mexican Criminal Justice

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Intensive Spanish Executive Program

In response to the increasing demands of business executives and being aware of the special needs of corporate training programs, The UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL offers an extremely accelerated Intensive Executive Program.

The program has been designed and developed to specifically fit business executives' and managers' busy schedules providing them with the advantage of intensive Spanish with the guarantee of communicating in Spanish within a short period of time.

The program is designed for all levels from beginners to advanced, and for individuals or groups.

To introduce the student to the Spanish Language and the Latin American Culture in an intensive manner, enabling him/her to develop a better understanding and working relationship with people from Latin American countries. Each executive's program is designed according to the student's interests, level of Spanish academic and/or professional needs and current work requirements.

The starting date for the Executive Program can be tailored according to each individual's work schedule.
Holidays are no barrier for studying. The Executive Program operates on weekends and holidays (with a minimum of three hours day).

The Program consists of 9 hours (option 4: 6 hours) between 8 AM to 5:30 PM on the following activities:

One on One Attention:
One on One Spanish instruction where Mexican professors lead specific themes from vocabulary focused on their field of work to guided classes developing the oral and written skills needed to deal with their Spanish-speaking partners inside or outside the professional environment.

Group Classes:
Our group-5 system allows us to match students with the group exactly suited to fulfill their needs, taking into consideration knowledge of Spanish, ability to communicate, fluency, origin, and age.

Cultural Courses:
Cultural courses such as Mexican history, politics, economy, society, literature, art etc., or basic, intermediate or advanced grammar; courses vary in accordance with the student's level.

Individual Conversation:
One on One conversation using vocabulary focused on your field of work.

Functional Spanish in daily situations or lectures, or cross-cultural training and intercultural business communication.

Three Options available:
To satisfy the students need, four alternatives are designed:

Option "1" Option "2" Opion "3" Option "4" Special Option
9 hours of Individual Classes 6 hours of Individual Classes 6 hours of Individual Classes 3 hours of Individual Classes 3 hours of Individual Classes
- 3 hours of Group Classes 3 hours of Group Classes
2 hours of Workshops or Conversation - -  
1 hour of group thematic Conference - -  
USD 1250/week USD 950/week USD 800/week USD 550/week USD 750/week
Weekend Classes:
Weekends are no barrier to studying here. The Intensive Executive Program operates on weekends and holidays with a minimum of three hours per day.

Executive Lounge:
Participants in the Executive program are usually extremely busy and need to be in contact with their home offices. The UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL provides a special longue for the exclusive use of executive participants.

The Executive Lounge has a full time bilingual assistant who ist available to help with any arrangements the executives need.

Longue services include telephones, private work areas, computers, Internet access, printer, fax maschine, television, newspapers and coffee. "Executive" UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL

Client List: The following is a partial list of the companies, which regularly participate in the Universitie's programs:

-R. R. Donnelley and Sons Company
-Ford Motor Company
-General Motors Company
-Caterpillar Motor Co.
-Ford Foundation
-Coopers and Lybrand
-Ambassadors and other diplomatic personnel from Japan,
-Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Canada, and the USA
-Swiss, German, and North American banks


USD 0100 Registration (not refundable)

USD 1250 per week (Option "1")
USD 0950 per week (Option "2")
USD 0800 per week (Option "3")
USD 0550 per week (Option "4")
USD 0750 per week (Special Option)

USD 0035 per hour (private class during the week - minimum 3 hrs/day)
USD 0040 per hour (private class on week ends (including Sunday) - minimum 3 hrs/day)
USD 0050 for Material

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Children programs

Come with all your children to Cuernavaca!
The UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL is very friendly to children and offers great programs for all ages.
These programs provides a parent's peace of mind knowing that their child is being cared for, while at the same time acquiring an enriching educational experience.

Day care Spanish for Children Regular Group Program
Open: All year All year All year
Ages: 1 to 4 years 5 to 12 years 13 years and up
Schedule: Flexible 8 AM to 2 PM 8 AM to 2 PM
Registration fee: none USD 050 USD 100
Weekly tuition: USD 070 (approximative) USD 170 USD 270
Location: Five blocks from school At the school At the school
Day Care
The Day Care operates independently form the UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL.
It is offered to the Universitie's students who bring their children with them. Happy girls

This Program take place approximately five blocks away from the UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL's Campus I location.
Professionals take care of the children.

There are certain requisites:
1) parents should provide a sweater, several bibs and change of clothes and medicine (if necessary),
2) parents should provide a list of general information about their child's health and special needs (if any).

Children should be brought by their parents to the UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL before 8 AM, where they will be picked up by a Daycare staff member and returned to the UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL at 2 PM.
Day Care
This program operates all year with a flexible schedule. You can sign up your child from 1 to 4 years.
Upon parents' request, the hours can be extended and meals offered at an extra cost.
Your child will be part of all activities together with local children!
no registration fee
USD 070 per week (approximative)
Spanish for Children
This are already "serious" classes. The "Spanish for Children"-Program takes place at the school.
A special trained teacher will teach your children. A lot of educational games will be part of class. Your children will learn a lot without getting bored!
This program is open for children from 5 to 12 years.

USD 050 registration fee
USD 170 per week

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Programs for Airlines and Travel Agencies

Mexico, a member of NAFTA, is considered the door to Latin America. And the airlines are demanding more Spanish speaking personnel. Airlines like KLM, Air France, Canadian, Lufthansa, American Airlines, United, Continental and America West have been participating in this program for their flight attendants and ticket desk personnel.
The School has special vocabulary, announcement and communication between the passengers and the flight attendants.
Vocabulary for airlines and travel agencies has been incorporated into the intensive Spanish language and cultural program. Emphasis is on conversation and vocabulary.

Airlines personnel will develop a knowledge of the Spanish language and gain fluency in communicating with their Hispanic clients. In addition, they will have the proficiency to successfully complete the company language exams.
USD 100 registration fee
USD 319 per week
This program can also be customized for the Executive Program.

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Advanced Spanish Program for Diplomats

With the approval of the Canadian government (External Foreign Affairs - Ottawa - Canada) the Center offers an advanced Spanish Program for Diplomats or personnel that should have future diplomatic, public or commercial relations in business with Latin America.

The participants will develop the ability to interpret, translate, communicate, speak in public, take part in private and official meetings, social events with a specialized vocabulary of their profession as well as understanding the Latin American culture. Apart from learning Spanish, the students will also take culture, history, social-economic and political courses.
USD 100 registration fee
USD 550 per week
This program can also be customized for the Executive Program.

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Programs for Teachers, Professors and Universities

This program is an in-depth study of the language and culture. It gives the participants the capacity to gain a complete understanding as well as have full communication ability in situations with their own students and with Latin American parents. Apart from learning Spanish, the students will take conferences concerning education, pedagogy systems, sociology of the Mexican family and guided tours of private and public schools (Elementary, Junior High or High School).
USD 100 registration fee
USD 319 per week
This program can also be customized for the Executive Program.

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Program for Nurses

The University of Texas at Arlington School of Nursing (UTASN) and the UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL have collaborated to create an experience designed to provide registered nurses with a complete Spanish language and cultural immersion program. UTAS is approved as a continuing education provider by the Texas Nurses Association which is accredited as an approver of Continuing Education for Nurses by the American Nurses Association Credentialing Center (ANACC). Continuing education credits (20, 30 or 40 CEU's) will be processed directly through the UTA School of Nursing, Center for Continuing Nursing Education.

Through this customized program in the Spanish language and culture, the nurse develops skills of knowledge that will enhance the nurse's effectiveness with the Spanish-speaking patients. Terminology and information specific to the medical field is part of the curriculum.

At the completion of this program the nurse will be able to:

1. Demonstrate increased proficiency in the use of the Spanish language.
2. Utilize basic medical terminology in the Spanish language.
3. Discuss basic cultural differences and their application to patient/nurse care.
USD 100 registration fee
USD 319 per week
This program can also be customized for the Executive Program.

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University Credit

You must be actively enrolled in an institution of higher learning in the United States or Canada to be awarded college credits abroad for attending The Center for Linguistic Studies.
All arrangements for credits must be made between the UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL's Director and the College University, which you are now attending.

Students in the intensive Spanish Language Program can generate one credit for each week of Spanish study (20 hours). They may choose to be graded on an A-F or Pass/Fail scale.
The instructors keep a daily record of each student's performance and of the material covered in class. At the end of each week an evaluation of the student's progress is recorded and a final examination can be given upon request. A written summary of course work and individual achievement can be provided for a student receiving credit. Students also can generate one credit for each mini course successfully completed (16 hours). For credit purposes, a two-to-three-page paper must be submitted on each mini course taken.

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Senior Citizens

In this programm emphasis is laid on culture, art and handcrafts.
The teaching methods are less efficiency-oriented than in other programs.
This program can be customized for the Intensive Program or the Executive Program.

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Medical Care

Immediate medical attention is available without charge Monday - Friday ( 7:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. ) . The clinic is staffed by a physician and/or a public health nurse during these hours.

The physician can prescribe medications (no controlled substances are prescribed). The patient is responsible for the cost of any prescribed medications. Prescriptions can be ordered from a local pharmacy for direct delivery to the campus to be picked up at building 4-107 (Reception). For any medical concerns after hours, we have a doctor on call (fee for service).


Be advised that Universidad Internacional is not responsible for payment of your medical care, hospitalization, or surgery. There are excellent medical facilities that will accept your credit card with payment deposit required upon admission. The attending physician and cashier will prepare reports and receipts for your respective health insurance company. Physicians will not deal directly with any insurance company.

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