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I have made Cuernavaca, Mexico my home since the beginning of 1998.

My first trip to Cuernavaca was in June of 1994. I fell in love with the country and its people, so I returned every summer vacation from my studies in Switzerland to visit and travel throughout Latin America. During these visits, I met a lot of people and made many friends. Before long, I knew that, when I finished my studies, I would return to Mexico to build a career for myself.

Here in Cuernavaca I work as an Independent Agent for language schools. The school pays me for my performance.

You pay me the same as you would pay if you contracted with the school directly!

This means by allowing me to introduce you to the various schools, you save time and add nothing to your school costs.

I have been interested in the business of language for a long time. In this field, I have the opportunity to meet and interact with many diverse, multicultural people. There are many reasons to learn Spanish:

Whether you are just looking for "survival" words for your surfing trip to Puerto Escondido or if you want to improve your Spanish for further visits to Latin America, or if you are a business person looking for some special Spanish words for business transactions, here in Cuernavaca you will get what you are looking for.

Now, I meet many interesting people who share my interest in Mexico, its people and culture, and, of course, learning Spanish. I know how to make trips run smoothly.

My experience in Mexico makes this possible. I have traveled widely through the north and south of Mexico. I know the schools, the cities, the country, and I speak several other languages!

I work a lot with Internet and E-Mail to overcome the distance of the market and the inadequacies of the Mexican postal system. E-Mail for example is fast and secure.

This is what I offer:

I will pick you up at the busy Mexico City airport and deliver you safely to your home in Cuernavaca. Then, during your stay I can be on hand to advise you and answer your questions, helping you to save time and money.

If you want some further information about me - click here for my curriculum!

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