Do you know people who want to learn Spanish? Did you like my offer?
Please tell your friends about the outstanding and unique services I offer my clients here in Cuernavaca. I am also here for you during your stay in Mexico!

Become a Promoter and help me make my offer available to your friends.
There are many ways to become a Promoter. Maybe one of my promotion tools would work for you?

Please consider the following:

hand.GIF put a Poster on the message board of your school or office?
hand.GIF hand out  Flyers  to your friends or colleagues?
hand.GIF put my Banner on your Homepage?
hand.GIF help me build a new great "SPANISH IN CUERNAVACA"-Banner?
hand.GIF promote my services on a other ways ...such as...?

Poster and Flyer:

To do this,  you will need the word processing program, "Microsoft Word", a printer, paper, a pair of scissors and a little time.

I designed a very simple Poster and Flyer and I used the two common fonts, "Arial" + "Comic Sans"  which you will find installed on almost every system. To avoid a long download time and the consumption of your system's resources,  I did not use heavy graphics.

Poster Thank you for your help!


Download Poster: MS-Word-Format (126 KB) / PDF-Format (29 KB)


 Banner- oder Linkplacement

My Banner is bored from being just on my Site. He wants to travel and see new places! Do you have space on your homepage for it?


 A new Banner

Do you want to create a different Banner for me? If you are creative, have a fresh idea or  if you are a professional in this field, I would appreciate your suggestions and creations. Variety is the spice of life.
Let me know who you are and what you can do.?

Contact me by   the following Form!

 Other Possibilities

Do you have other ideas to promote my services?

Thank you...

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