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Our additional services (in addition to the schools services):

    Advantage of our presence on the spot
  • During your stay we can provide you with helpful information about Cuernavaca and help to plan your trip.
  • Assistance
  • In case of emergency you can reach us by cellular phone. We will be available to help wherever we can. (list of very good doctors)
  • Original Prices and Documents of the Language Schools
  • You get first class information.
  • No hidden fees
  • We list the fees for school, home stay and pick up service separately, so that you can easily compare different options.
  • No payments of tuition in advance requested
  • Besides the registration fee, you can pay all fees directly in Cuernavaca (more security and flexibility for you, less administration for us! / The registration fee is due after signing up)
  • Pick up service at the airport of Mexico City
  • USD 100 1 person
  • USD 110 2 people/same home stay address
  • USD 140 3 to 7 people/same home stay address
  • No Minimum Time of Stay
  • You can study for periods as short as one week without additional fees.
  • We provide the address of the host family after registration
  • This is our way to credit our "early birds". We don't wait till before your project starts providing you with your address of the Cuernavaca-home stay as it is commun in the market. We send your Cuernavaca-address right after your payment of registration.
    Needless to tell that the best spots always are gone first!
  • "The message is clear - we are here!"
  • We are closest to you, when you most need us - then, when you are here in Mexico! (a local call away!)
    We speak English, Spanish, French, German and Swiss.

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